Catherine McAuley

Founder of Sisters of Mercy 1778-1841


Loving God, You chose Catherine McAuley for the service of your people who are poor, sick and uneducated. You inspired her to found the Sisters of Mercy so that these good works might endure. Give to each of us a portion of her compassionate spirit and an ardent desire to serve your suffering people.

Bless all our undertakings and grant that union and charity may always thrive among us.

Graciously, hear our prayer for Catherine and by granting the favors we ask through her intercession, hasten the day when her sanctity will be celebrated by all the Church. Amen.

In Memoriam

Sr. Agnes Palacios blesses the tomb of Sr. Mary James Quenga during the prayer service for all the deceased Sisters of Mercy held at Pigo Cemetery last October 31, 2010. The Sisters of Mercy were joined by the Mercy Associates and families of the deceased sisters. Please click the photo gallery to […]

Sr Rosalind Picot, RSM |In the Name of Mercy

October 16, 2010. Sr. Rosalind Picot gave an excellent presentation to the Sisters and Associates on our identity as Sisters of Mercy, our history, the meaning of mission and sponsorship, relationship of sponsored ministries to the church and the Sisters of Mercy, role of board members as our partners in Mercy, etc. Her presentation, […]

Saint Anthony Catholic School celebrates 50th year anniversary

Congratulations to Saint Anthony Catholic School on their 50th year anniversary celebration.

Click on the photo gallery link to view photos of the celebration.

Genesis Farm: Reaching for the Sun | Sr. Trinie Pangelinan supports 350 Global Climate Work project

During a Genesis Farm Board retreat, community partners around Blairstown involved in “Sustainability” (re land use, food, energy, etc.) came together to hear a presentation by Martin Ping, Exec. Director of Hawthorne Valley Assn. of New York.  To commemorate‘s “Global Climate Work” project, or “10-10-10”, the group posed in front of the […]

Guam 350 10/10/10 Wave for the Earth

‎10/10/10.  Student representatives together with their administrators and faculty from Santa Barbara Catholic School, Academy of Our Lady of Guam and Father Duenas Memorial School  participated in the “Guam 350 Wave for the Earth” event at the ITC intersection in Tamuning, Guam.  This is part of Guam 350 awareness in support of […]