Catherine McAuley

Founder of Sisters of Mercy 1778-1841


Loving God, You chose Catherine McAuley for the service of your people who are poor, sick and uneducated. You inspired her to found the Sisters of Mercy so that these good works might endure. Give to each of us a portion of her compassionate spirit and an ardent desire to serve your suffering people.

Bless all our undertakings and grant that union and charity may always thrive among us.

Graciously, hear our prayer for Catherine and by granting the favors we ask through her intercession, hasten the day when her sanctity will be celebrated by all the Church. Amen.

Faith Fills Diamond Jubilarians

Four Sisters of Mercy from Guam will celebrate their Diamond Jubilees during a special Jubilee Mass 10 a.m. Saturday, August 21, at the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica.

Sister Francis Marie Blas, RSM; Sister Imelda Marie Paulino, RSM; Sister Mary Catherine Quintanilla, RSM; and Sister Mary Gertrude Quitugua, RSM are all celebrating 60 remarkable years in loving and faithful service to Our Lord as Sisters of Mercy. Here is information about each of the Diamond Jubilarians:


MOTTO: “All for Thee, Oh Heart of Jesus”

Sister Francis Marie entered in July, 1950 and was received as a novice on August 14, 1951. She served as a teacher for more than 23 years on Guam and Rota. Sister also taught Catholic Christian Doctrine (CCD) in Wake Island and various parishes in Guam. For the past 15 years, Sister worked at Infant of Prague Nursery & Kindergarten where she continues to minister.

She celebrated her Golden Jubilee in May 2001 and is now celebrating her Diamond (60 years) Jubilee August, 2010.

When asked what compels her to say “Yes” each day to her vocation as a Sister of Mercy, Sister Francis Marie responded: “My faith in the Lord God whom I serve, and my firm conviction that it was God who inspired and directed me to this Mercy way of life.”

In her 60 years of religious life, she considers as her most important experience “celebrating Final Profession, Silver and Golden anniversaries, and the knowledge that she has been faithful to the Vows that she made at her profession as a Sister of Mercy.”

Sister Francis Marie would like to be remembered as “a genuine Sister of Mercy who dedicated her life to the service of God’s people, especially to the little children.”


MOTTO: “All for Jesus through Mary and Joseph”

One of five Sisters who celebrated their Golden Jubilees in 2000, Sister Imelda Marie Paulino, also known as Jesusa S.N. Paulino, is now preparing to celebrate her 60-year (Diamond) Jubilee. Having been in the education ministry for most of her religious life, she continues to treasure education as the focus of her fourth vow: “to serve the poor, sick and ignorant,” especially service poor families in the Dededo vicinity. She currently resides with the Sisters in Santa Barbara Convent, Dededo as she continues her ministry to visit the sick.

As she reflected on her life a decade ago, Sister Imelda Marie continues to treasure every moment of her religious vocation, which she believes is a “Divine calling in love for service.” She continues to trust in God’s loving Providence, praying for the grace of final perseverance to be with God in His everlasting Kingdom.

Sister Imelda Marie wants to thank God, her family and all who have touched and shaped her life and helped to make her who she is today. To each and everyone, she says “Undangkulo na Si Yu’os Ma’ase, ya si Yu’os unbenendise todos!” Thank you and God bless!


MOTTO: “Jesus, my Love”

Ten years ago, as she celebrated her Golden Jubilee, Sister Mary Catherine Quintanilla would not have guessed that she would now be residing at Mercy Care Center in Oka, the place where the Sisters needing care would be assisted during their golden or diamond years. After many years of service, teaching and caring for young children, and equally many years of sharing her culinary talents, Sister now is the recipient of this care.

As she reaches this milestone in her religious life, she shared her reflection: “My faith and love of God brought me to this life as a Sister of Mercy. God’s continued guidance and my unending faith in Him have allowed me to continue to minister to God’s people through the works of Mercy. Looking back on the past 60 years, I found that my most meaningful experience was when I took care of the children at the nursery. I loved being a part of their lives. I especially enjoyed watching their expression when we talk about God, our Blessed Mother and their Guardian Angel. It was a joy teaching about God’s love for everyone, especially to children at a young tender age.”

Sister Catherine would like others to remember her as a friend, and also as someone who cared for and loved the children entrusted to her at the Infant of Prague Nursery.


MOTTO: “Love of God Conquers All”

Sister Gertrude Quitugua, formerly known as Isabel Santos Quitugua, hails from the village of Asan, Guam. She reflected on her 60 years as a Sister of Mercy:

“First of all, I came this far as a religious Sister of Mercy, and each day I place myself in the hands of God, asking for the grace of final perseverance. This is not wishful thinking…it is an act of determination and a desire to enter the kingdom of heaven, where I can see Almighty God face to face.

I said ‘yes’ at my entrance day and 60 years later I thank God that I have reached this day. Every day before I begin any work, I place myself in God’s hand and ask for His grace and assistance to guide me so I can perform all my assigned duties to the best of my ability. Religious life is not an easy life to live without God’s help. I look at religious life as a means to perfection. Therefore, everything that I do, I do for the honor and glory of God. If I didn’t have these motives, I don’t think I could persevere to this day.

Some of the questions children asked were quite challenging and difficult to give the answers they would like to hear. It was always quite difficult to help them understand that God answers prayers with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ according to how God sees what may be good or not so good for the individual requesting a prayer.”

When asked what she would like others to remember about her, Sister Gertrude replied: “My only motive is to please God. I pray that my students and anyone whose lives I touched will remember me as someone who inspired them to love God, to serve God’s people and stay focused on preparing for life after death.”

2 comments to Faith Fills Diamond Jubilarians

  • Chad Quackenbush

    Dear Sister Gertude,

    I hope this message finds you well. I just wanted to write you a note and tell you I think of you often. My name is Chad Quackenbush I am from upstate NY. In 1994 and 1995 I was stationed at naval hospital Guam. I met you and you inspired me to come to your adult confirmation class. I completed and renewed my love in God. I just wanted you to know I never forgot you and how you took me in….when I was a long way from home. I remember the beautiful masses at the cathederal on sunday evenings. I tell my wife of my wonderful memories of the beautiful island and fellowship. If you would like to contact me, I would love to correspond and send you a few pictures to see if you remember me..

    Chad Quackenbush
    P.O. Box 233
    Fultonville NY, 12072


    God Bless You.


  • Vickie Volyn

    Dear Sister Gertrude,

    My name is Vickie Volyn. My husband and I moved to Guam where he was stationed at the Marine Barracks. I was fortunate enough to get a teaching position at St. Anthony where I taught 7th/8th grade English from 1984-1986. I always enjoyed talking with you and remember your stories you shared as a young girl on Guam during WWII. I also remember the time you invited my husband and me to your niece’s wedding. We didn’t know anyone except you, yet that wedding and reception are some of our fondest memories of our time on Guam. Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee. I would love to hear from you. Take care and God Bless!

    Vickie Volyn
    2 Leeds Road
    Flemington, NJ 08822

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